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Who They Are: Our writers work in a variety of fields. They come from all over the United States, Canada, The UK, Australia, and other English speaking countries. They are all professionals who have the kind of real world experience that allows them to write on various topics with great authority.

We count among our writers, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers, HR specialists, accountants, nurses, PhD candidates, scientists, professional researchers, and more. In fact, our  pool of talent runs so deep that you are virtually guaranteed to get a writer with expertise in your specific subject matter.

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How we Screen Them: We believe strongly in the concept trust but verify. Because of this, we do a thorough background check on each of our writers. This includes conducting a criminal background check, verifying employment, and ensuring that the applicant is a college graduate.

Once that is completed, we administer several writing tests. If the writer passes those, they are then put through our very rigorous training regimen. This includes writing an intensive research paper in a very limited timeline.

Meeting Your Writer:  Once you place an order, your writer will be in contact with you directly. They will review your order with you and let you know they are getting started. You and your writer will be able to communicate directly through our self service customer portal. This means you can ask for status updates, and that your writer can ask you for additional information should they need it.

We’re very proud of the team of writers we have assembled. We think you will be impressed as well.

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