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That pesky dissertation. You have about seven years in college; you have accumulated a great GPA; you are ready to be done and get on with your life. Only one problem – that dissertation. There it looms, and it is the one thing standing between you and that piece of parchment that says Ph.D.

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Is There Anyone Who Can Write My Dissertation?

You know it will consume the next 12-18 months of your waking life; there will be great “highs” and horrible “lows,” but somehow you will get it finished, defend it before your committee, and proudly walk across that stage.

A Magic Genie

If you are at the point of writing your dissertation, you certainly have been through your Master’s degree program and had your experience with thesis writing. A dissertation is like a thesis on steroids. It will be about twice as long, will require twice as much research for a literature review and will definitely involve some original research which you will design, based upon your research question. You may not have wanted to conjure up a genie and tell it to, “Write my thesis,” but you may certainly be wondering if you could find one now.

MyBestEssays.org cannot give you a magic genie, but we can give you a Ph.D. scholar in your research field who will be available for consulting, researching, writing, and analysis of your data – virtually any type of help you decide you need.

Here is how our dissertation services work:

  1. For these complex and lengthy works, we ask that you contact our customer support department so that we can discuss the details of your dissertation, including the research question you are pursuing. For example, if your dissertation topic is related to biology, we need to know exactly what specific area of biology. We have Ph.D.’s in biological science, but they are all specialists. We need to assign the right specialist to your project.

  2. We also need to know the details of the help you want. is it just for the literature review chapter? Perhaps it is the statistical analysis? Do you need help with setting up your methodology and research instruments?

  3. Once we have nailed down exactly what you need, we will help you complete the order form. We will also discuss payment arrangements. Writing a dissertation is a lengthy process, and we can work out progressive payments with you, along with progressive delivery.

  4. Once we have made the final determination of your needs, we then assign a consultant to you. We also set up a system of communication, so that you and your consultant can talk as often as necessary.

  5. You are involved in the entire process of what is done and how it is done. This is the only way that you ultimately get exactly what you want. Your consultant will send you drafts for approval, so you must be certain to check regularly for communications. A dissertation is not like an essay or research paper which a writer will complete and then send over for approval. These are works that take time, lots of discussion and revision.

  6. You will have access to your consultant for as long and as much help as you need. W/he will see you through every chapter, if that is what you need.

Our Dissertation Pros

My Best Essay uses only Ph.D. writers for both thesis and dissertation work. Many are retired professors and others have been in career research fields. They have produced their own dissertations and have helped many other Ph.D. candidates produce theirs. Your dissertation will receive full attention by your consultant, and nothing will be left to chance.

Our Guarantees

When you make the decision to contract with My Best Essays for your dissertation help, you are getting the very best in the industry. We guarantee the following to you:

  • You will have a Ph.D. academician who comes from your research field, who is totally current with existing research in the area of your question, and who can locate and review all of the most relevant literature.

  • You will have complete confidentiality as you work with your consultant. We protect your privacy at all costs, with firewalls and encryption.

  • You will have total control over what you receive as work product. You may approve or ask for revisions – we follow your instructions

  • You are guaranteed fully original writing and fully authentic research

  • Your research methodology will be produced for you or will be reviewed by your consultant to ensure that there are as few nuisance factors or constraints as possible.

  • When your data needs to be reported and then analyzed, you will have the charts and graphs that you need, with full prose explanations. The statistical analysis will be perfectly executed so that significance of outcomes is demonstrated.

  • We will meet the deadlines that you have determined, without exception.

From the development of your research question, to your proposal, and through every chapter of your dissertation, your consultant will be with you, guiding every step, researching and writing as you decide you need, and even assisting you as you prepare for your oral defense.

Count on Us

We have a comprehensive academic writing business and serve students at all levels and with any assignment or project they may encounter. We are especially proud of our work with graduate students, because we have the very best Ph.D. scholars on the planet. Give us a shout out, and let’s get started on that dissertation – you’ll love the results.

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