Terms of Use

Please take a few moments to this document covering our terms of use. This document covers your rights and responsibilities when it comes to using our products and services, as well participating on our website in any way. The policies outlined here apply to customers, visitors, and other associates.

Affiliates of MyBestEssays

We conduct business with a variety of entities. However, we are an independently operated agency. We are not affilliated with any company, group, government, school, or organization. On occasion, we may choose to feature another organization on our website through advertisements or other content. This is not to be taken as an endorsement, nor are we responsible should anyone begin a business relationship with another entity.

Authorized Use of Our Services

Our products and services our only intended for the use of those who are legally able to utilize them. By placing an order, visiting our website, or contacting us in any way, you are declaring that you are legally authorized to use our services.

Further, no person who has not reached the age of majority should use our services. In order to comply with international law, we explicitly ban anyone who is not thirteen or older from creating an account on MyBestEssays.org or placing an order.

Customer Data

We keep customer data for business and marketing purposes. We store this data on secured servers, and will not release identifying information about our customers without a legal order to do so. Customers are responsible for keeping their contact information up to date. The reasons for this are detailed in our disclaimers policy.


We do offer a 100 percent originality guarantee. In the event that any part of your paper is shown to have been copied from another source, we will issue a full refund and terminate our relationship with anyone who was involved. However, we want to make it clear that we have never been the subject of this kind of allegation.

Plagiarism scan reports are available. However, we do not use the standard Turnitin.com software. This is because once a document is scanned it remains in the turnitin database, and it will be flagged as plagiarised should your instructor attempt to run their own scan.

Downloading And Uploading Documents

We guarantee that any document you download from our website is completely safe. If we believe that a document you have sent to use could be infected, we will not upload it or save it to our servers. Please refer to our disclaimers page for information on the timeliness of uploading sources.

Statement of Social Responsibility

We believe that all companies are responsible to contributing to the overall good of society. To that end, we have established several policies. These include:

  • Implementing Recycling Programs And Going Paperless Whenever Possible

  • Encouraging Our Employees And Associates to Participate in Charitable Events

  • Using Energy Saving Bulbs And Appliances in Our Offices

  • Employing Ethical Business Practices in All Areas

In addition to this, we will not offer any services that we believe will result in a degree, certificate, diploma, or license being obtained fraudulently. We are especially vigilant in dealing with orders relating to education, financial management, legal services, or  healthcare.

Payments And Financial Data

To keep your financial data safe, we use a third party checkout system. This uses SSL to ensure the safety of your data. On occasion, financial institutions will ask us to verify your identity. If this happens, we will provide you with instructions on how to proceed.

If for any reason we believe that a payment has been made fraudulently, we will contact the proper authorities and assist in any investigation.

Our Content

None of the content on our website may be copied or distributed without or express consent. It is the intellectual property of My BestEssays.

Use of Our Site

Our site may not be used for illegal activities. In addition to this, we forbid the use of our site to insult, harass, threaten, or bully another person or group. Racist and hate speech are not tolerated towards our staff, associates, or clients. Anyone violating these policies will have their account terminated irrevocably.

User Generated Content

If you contribute comments, blog posts, articles, or testimonials they become the property of BestEssays.org. We reserve the right to use them as we see fit. This also includes pictures, photographs, or videos. Material uploaded that are meant to accompany an existing order are not subject to this policy. They remain the property of the customer and are deleted when they are no longer  needed.

Updating Policies

We reserve the right to update this and any other policy without prior notice. However, we will place a notice that changes have been made so that you may review these policies again. If you do not read our policies or notification expires before you see it, you are still bound by the policies we have set forth.

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