Posted: February 16, 2017


The word love is a common term that has been used severally worldwide by both young and seniors. There are different literature works such novels, short stories, plays among others which have emphasized on love as their central theme. In every corner of the world, you would see people listening to songs that are mostly based on love since most the song usually impact the emotionally. From all these examples, can we say that love controls the whole world? What do people think if they hear the word love? What is the origin of the love and word does it entails according to different culture and religion and what should we do show that we truly love? According to various researchers, the origin of love is still a question of discussion since different notion or opinion about it. Christians have their understanding of love as the Bible teaches the same to their counterpart, Muslims, who also have different belief about it. However, there is general belief that love is English term that originated from old English term known as ‘lufu’ which meant affection or friendliness. Others also believe that it came from an English word known as ‘lufian’ which means to cherish, delight in or approve (Evans, 2014).

Different Perspectives of Love

Christian Perspective

In the Bible, there are many verses and stories that are trying to show how different old Christians sought to show love. Jesus Himself in many ways showed His love for people by doing great things to individuals who came to ask for help from Him. One of the main things He did that Christians believed so much that showed much of His love for people is when He offered to suffer and die for the sake of their sin so that they can be set free from their sins. To Christians, love is believed to refer to as an intimate, selfless sacrifice to observe the commandments of God. For instance in the book of 1 John 5:3, the bibles says that it is God’s love that we should keep because His commandment is not grievous. The observing commandment of Jesus Christ is, therefore, shows a demonstration of the love of Jesus and this automatically shows loves for others. This type of unconditional love which does need payment in return is what is termed as Agape love in the Bible. It is what Jesus portrayed on the cross (Johnson, 2013)

Muslim Perspective

According to Muslim, Allah teaches love in the various context that He communicates to his followers through Quran, for example, He teaches them that “love is rewarded”- Qur’an 3:134, “love is humanity”-Qur’an 4:36 among others. From the verses, we get that love is in Muslim religion each and every individual must embrace love for one another and also to Allah. It is the act of doing well to your fellow as you expect others to do the same to you, i.e., it is earned. So as one loves Allah, Allah would also love her too (Evans, 2014).

Modern Perspective of Love

The modern perspective of love borrows its concepts from different cultural, scientific and religious dimensions. In this point of view, some people link with aspiration, happiness, and ambitions. In this case, love is considered to cultivate its root from cultural phenomenon but not human nature. It controls every corner of the word as each and every individual to offer her or his love and to be loved in return. They believed it has strong sexual and romantic attachment, and no one is complete without it. I'm most literature works such as plays and films/movies, one of the common messages they communicate is the effects of romantic in our life, for example, most of Shakespeare’s works such poems and plays are based on love. Modern love has borrowed its concept from different cultures such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam although there is still controversy among them (Evans, 2014)


From the discussion, we can conclude that love is important in all aspect of life since it can enable one identify his place in the society. Again it should be handled with care in the different context of the various communities and religions have a different understanding of it. This would enable promotion of peace in many societies

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