Revision Policy

It is our goal to complete all work correctly the first time. We know this is the way to guarantee customer satisfaction as well as keeping our productivity up. In the vast majority of cases we are able to accomplish this goal quite easily. However, there are times when revisions are needed. Depending on the exact circumstances and nature of the revision request, these may be performed free of charge or we may ask you to pay a reasonable fee. The policies below will provide you more detail.

Fee Based Revisions

The following are the circumstances in which you will be required to pay for any revisions that we do.

Revisions Based on Changes to Your Original Instructions

If your revision request reflects a change in the instructions that you originally provided to us, or you submitted a change request too late to implement before the deadline, you will be asked to pay a reasonable fee for us to make that change. The cost of the change will depend upon the size of the modification and the amount of time it will take to complete the revision. We do base these charges on our standard per page rates.

Revisions Requested After Seven Days

In order to meet our staffing needs and to best serve our customers, any revision request made more than seven days after your final document was provided to you will be a paid revision. Please know that no work will be done until that payment  has been received.

Revisions Due to  Your Failure to Provide us With Needed Information

Your writer may contact you with questions for clarification or with reminders that they need information from you. This could be related to documents that you need to upload or passwords that you need to provide in order for your writer to access academic databases or gated content. If you do not provide this information in a timely manner, your writer may choose to continue with the project or stop work. This is solely at their discretion.

If the product you receive is incorrect because you did not respond to questions or provide  needed materials, you may request a revision. However, we will charge a fee for those services.

Product Add Ons

Occasionally, a customer will realize after the fact that they need additional products. These are usually things like outlines, copies of rough drafts, works cited pages, or annotated bibliographies. We are almost always able to accommodate these requests. However, you will be charged our standard fees.

Free Revisions

The following are our policies on free revisions.

Failure to Follow The Instructions on Your Order

If our writers or editors ever fail to follow your instructions to the letter, we will happily revise your products until they meet your standards. Please submit revision requests as quickly as possible as this guarantees that your writer will be available and that the subject will still be fresh in their minds. We will not accept requests for free revisions after seven days.

Failing to Provide All Requested Items

If your order is missing a required item, let us know. We will quickly rectify the situation and send you anything that you are missing free of charge.

Submitting a Revision Request

The best time to submit your request for revision is at the time you are reviewing your product and before you download it. This will ensure that your request goes right back to your writer. Please be very detailed in explaining what is wrong and  how you would like it to be changed.

Requests received after one week may not be accepted. It depends on our staffing needs and the amount of orders we have to fulfill. If we do accept a revision request, it will be a fee based revision.

Requesting a New Writer

You may request a new writer if you feel your previous writer is not up to your standards. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to honor that request.

Changes to This Policy

We reserve the right to change our revision policy without prior notice. Please stay up to date on this and all of My BestEssays’ policies.

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