Privacy Policy

Please know that we are fully committed to protecting your personal and financial information. In addition to this, we are well aware that we are in a business that requires the utmost discretion. Because of this we take privacy and data security very seriously. This policy page outlines the actions that we take to protect your information, discloses how we use the data that we receive, and what you can do to help ensure your personal and financial information is protected. We’ll also review your rights and responsibilities when it comes to data that is the property of

Your Customer Account

When you begin conducting business with us you will be asked to provide information about yourself in order to create a customer account. You will also be asked to provide a password. On our end, we protect your information by storing it on secure servers and using firewalls, anti virus software, and other reasonable security measures. We will also act quickly and transparently if there are any problems with a customer’s account.

It is your responsibility to choose a secure password and to prevent anyone from accessing that password. In addition to this, it is your responsibility to inform us immediately if you believe your password or account has been compromised.

Your Personal Information

We collect and store personal information so that we may contact you, submit invoices, and better understand your needs. We never provide your personal information to any third party for any reason without a court order or your consent.

If you believe your information has been misused or distributed without your consent, let us know immediately. We will notify the proper authorities and investigate the situation as well.

Your Financial Information

Because we use a third party payment processor, all of your financial data is transparent to us. All we know is if or when a payment has been received or a credit has been issued. If you believe your financial information has been compromised, please contact us and your financial institution. We will fully cooperate in any investigation as will our payment processor.

Your Interactions With MyBestEssays

We encourage you to only communicate to us through our website via your customer account portal. This is the only way that we can guarantee that the nature of your business with us is not revealed to others. We have no control over the security of phone calls, emails, or text messages. Please be aware that if you use our services over unsecure connection, you significantly increase the risk of your information being accessed by others. We have no control over this.

Please know that charges to your debit or credit card, band drafts, PayPal, etc. will be labeled discreetly. It will not be obvious to others that you are using a writing service for business or academic purposes. In addition to this, we will never  disclose the nature of our business relationship with any client unless we are legally obligated to do so.

Use of Aggregate Data

While we do not provide identifying data to any outside agencies, we do collect and analyze aggregate data. In some cases that data may be provided to our vendors. We guarantee that this data has absolutely no identifying information. It is collected and analyzed simply to help us understand who is using our products and services and how we can do a better job of meeting our customers’ needs.

Marketing And Referrals

If you subscribe to our website or follow us on social media, you may receive information via email, push notification, or other means about company news, special offers, and new products. If you do not want to receive these either unsubscribe or contact us for assistance.

If you provide us with another person’s contact information please let them know before you do this. We do not want to contact people who do not wish to be bothered.

Our Data And Intellectual Property

Our privacy policies are also in place to protect us and our employees and contractors. We have gone to exhaustive lengths to protect all of the data in our possession. However, please know that if you ever receive information about another customer, our intellectual property, or other sensitive information that you are obligated to do the following.

  • Let us Know Immediately
  • Provide us With Information About the Breached Information
  • Refrain From Using or Disseminating That Information

We reserve the right to take any appropriate action against anybody who uses our intellectual property or information about our company, employees, vendors, customers, or associates without our consent.

As always, please review this policy frequently. You are responsible for understanding our privacy policies.

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