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We Have Some Amazing Discounts For My Best Essays Customers!

Here’s the deal. We know that our customers aren’t exactly ‘well heeled’. We know that the people who need our services are college students, people who are looking for new jobs, and small business owners. This is why we do everything that we can to control costs and pass our savings onto you.

No, that doesn’t mean that we are the cheapest option available to you. However it does mean that when you take quality, experience, and customer service into consideration, you can count on us. It also means we have some sweet discounts that can take the sting out of your wallet. Keep reading to learn more!

First Time Customer Discount

All we want is a chance. We know that if you use our services once, you will become a loyal customer. This is why each first time customer will be provided with a discount code to be applied on your first order. Fifteen percent off the final cost of your first order! That’s a pretty useful discount if we do say so ourselves!

Volume Discounts

If you are placing an order of twenty pages or more, let our customer service reps know. We love receiving big orders, and want to reward you for trusting us with these large projects. Our online customer service staff will provide you with a valuable coupon code to be used when you finalize your order and prepare to make payment. The full amount of the discount that you receive will depend on the details of your order. Just know that it will be well worth your while.

Customer Loyalty Discounts

Remember that the more orders you place, the more money you save. When you place your third order with us, you will qualify for our customer loyalty discount program. This discount program may start small, but it will increase as you order more papers from

Refer a Friend

If you are happy with our services, spread the word! For every customer you refer, you’ll receive a discount to be applied on your next order. We’ll even send a discount to your friend as well.

Other Discounts

We can always find a reason to celebrate. That’s why we’ll offer  up discounts throughout the year. Subscribe or follow us on social media. You’ll be the first to learn about holiday discounts, end of term discounts, and other random sales and special offers.

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