We want to empower our customers by ensuring they are fully aware of all of the policies and procedures. In addition to this, we want you to know your responsibilities and rights as they relate to your use of our products and services. Please take the time to review this document as well as our other policy pages. Remember that a knowledgeable consumer is a powerful one. Please keep in mind that anyone visiting our website, contacting us, or placing an order is bound by our policies whether they have read them or not.

Use of Our Products

Our products are intended for research and review only. Use beyond that is at your own risk, however you do become the sole owner of any document that you order from  us. This ownership does come with some restrictions though. Most importantly, you agree that you will not sell any of our products or transfer ownership to any other individual or orgranization.

Contact Information

We use your contact information for a variety purposes. We need it to contact you with important information and updates about your orders, to facilitate communication between you and  your writer, and to send you information about special offers. If your contact information is not kept current, we lose the ability to contact you. This can cause missed deadlines or result in finished products that do not meet your needs. If we are  unable to contact you, we are not responsible for any negative results.

Your Customer Account

Your customer account is very important. It contains your contact information, your order history, and other important data. It is secured by a password that you choose. Please select a password that isn’t easy for others to guess and change it frequently. Of course, you should never provide your password to anyone else.If you believe your account information has been compromised let us know immediately. You have the right to cancel your account at any time. However, your information will remain on record until  you have made any payments due.

Filling Out The Order Form

It is important that you fill out your order forms completely and accurately. This includes providing truthful information on your academic level. When providing instructions, please be very explicit. The more details your writer has, the better they can write papers that meet your needs.

If you need to make a change to your order let us know immediately. This will help us to make the needed changes without missing your deadline. We are not responsible for any delays or other negative consequences due to incorrect order form information or your failure to inform us of needed changes in a timely manner.

Cancelling Orders

You may canel orders at any time. However, you will be responsible for any payment due to MyBestEssays.org and our staff. Refunds or credits will be prorated based on the amount of work already completed. Before you decide to cancel your order, we encourage you to talk to us first. We may be able to help you resolve any issues.

Uploading Resources

If you have documents or other resources we encourage you to upload them quickly. If your order is due in 24 hours or less, we must receive materials when you place your order. Orders due in two or more days must have materials uploaded within two hours. If you are having difficulties with this please contact customer service.

We are also happy  to use any online sources you suggest while conducting research. However, if paid access is required, you must remit payment for that.

Making Payments

Payments are due at the time you place your order. If any changes to your order result in new charges, you must pay those before more work is done. We accept debit and credit cards, PayPal, money transfer, and other standard forms of payment.

All payments are processed using a third party provider. Payments are secured using advanced SSL encryption technology.


Please refer to our revision policy for more details.


We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. You agree to accept cookies when you use our website.

Academic Dishonesty

Every document we create is completely original. They are custom written to order, and we guarantee that nobody using our documents will be subject to legitimate accusations of plagiarism. We are happy to provide a plagiarism scan report on any of our documents.

Speaking of academic dishonesty, it is our goal to help students obtain academic success. However, we are also concerned with the public good. Because of this, if we believe a customer is using our services to fraudulently obtain a degree, certificate, or license we reserve the right to refuse to provide them with our services. This policy is especially intended for those pursuing careers in education, medicine, finance, or legal services.


We have near 100 percent success rate when it comes to meeting deadlines. However, should we fail to meet your deadline, we will offer a credit towards future orders. This credit will be determined on a case by case basis and will factor in the length and cause of the delay.


Each customer or visitor agrees that they will not use our products or services to violate any laws or statutes. The responsibiliity of determining legal use is the onus of the customer.

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