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Posted: February 16, 2017 To: Study
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Okay, you may be able to delay the inevitable by purchasing lots of socks and underwear and carting your laundry  home during breaks. That might work for awhile, but let’s be honest. Eventually, you are going to have to conquer this whole laundry thing. So, suck it up and act like an adult. Let’s get started.

First, while we are sure your parents are lovely people *cough*, we’re going to start this at ELI5 level (not a redditor? Just freaking Google it), because as far as we know mommy has been taking care of this for you all along. Let’s get started.

What You Need

First, start with a middle of the road laundry soap. Liquid or powder is fine. Don’t use those stupid pod things. Buy the big container. It might last you all semester. In addition to this, you will want to buy color safe bleach and a stain fighting spray. Go to the dollar store and get a couple of hampers or laundry bags and a lingerie bag. Finally, get some cheap hangers. You will need them later.

Use Common Sense! Sort Your Laundry

Take your dirty laundry and dump it out on the floor. Now look at it. What do you see? You see various types of fabrics and various levels of grossness. Different fabrics need to be treated differently and different levels of grossness need different solutions as well. Here is a quick guideline:

  • Socks Towels Sheets And Underwear Get The Most Soiling. Use a Good Detergent And Color Safe Bleach. Hot Water is Not Needed if You Use Good Products

  • Bright Colors Love Cold Water So They Stay Bright And Do Not run

  • Lacy Underthings Need Special Treatment. Handwash them With Laundry Soap and Hang Them Up

Scope Out Good Laundromats

These places are not all created equal. A good laundromat will have equipment in good working order as well as an attendant on duty. The exception, of course, being if you do your laundry late in the evening. It should be clean and not skeeve you out to spend time there. Student friendly laundromats often have free wifi and televisions to watch.

Dealing With Your Gross And Embarrassing Stains

Stained clothing looks gross. Don’t be gross. If you get a stain, don’t just throw it in the wash and hope for the best. You’ll either set the stain or maybe get it to fade a little bit. Instead, do the following.

  • Soak in Cold Water

  • Take The Part of The Item That is Stained And Place it Stain Side Down on Top of an Old Towel

  • Spray The Stain With Stain Remover From The Back And Really Saturate it

  • Press Down And Try to Get The Towel to Absorb as Much of The Stain And Stain Remover as Possible

  • Wash in Cold Water With Color Safe Bleach

Know What You Have to be Careful With

If it’s lacy, delicate, or something you would wear to formal dinners and job interviews, you probably shouldn’t just throw it in the washer. Read the tags on your clothing. If it says lay flat to dry, then lay it flat to dry. If it says use the gentle cycle, use the gentle cycle. Better yet, read the label before you buy clothing and stop yourself before you buy things that are a PITA.

Stop Screwing up The Planet

If static cling isn’t an issue then lay off the fabric softeners and dryer sheets. They’re awful for the environment and you don’t need them. Also, wash laundry by the load instead of just washing what you need for tomorrow. Finally, use cold water exclusively. Quality detergent works perfect well in cold water, and use the shortest time available unless your dealing with clothes that are particularly gross.

Your Clothes Smell Like Mildew Because You Are Lazy

It doesn’t take long for clothing to take on a wet smell. This happens because you are leaving things to sit in the washing machine for too long. Here’s some good news. If you rewash and add a bit of baking soda to your rinse water, the smell should go away.


Follow these tips and your poor mother might be able to spend time with you instead of doing laundry. You’ll also spend less time looking for the least dirtiest pair of socks to wear in the morning.

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